Roger Waters’ The Wall – New Movie Sheds Light on a Classic Rock Album

Roger Waters pic
Roger Waters

Avi Weisfogel is an accomplished New Jersey dentist who owns and operates Dental Sleep Masters in South Orange. A longtime fan of classic rock, Avi Weisfogel particularly enjoys the music of Billy Joel and Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd was one of the progenitors of arena rock and a band that encapsulated both the psychedelic and progressive rock eras. Pink Floyd’s greatest album in many fans’ eyes was Roger Waters’ 1979 creation The Wall. Featuring classic songs such as “We Don’t Need No Education,” The Wall took a critical look at 20th-century England and the oppressive, war-related forces that threatened basic human freedoms. Following the breakup of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters kept his musical creation alive as a stadium performance that merged rock and Broadway theater.

Filmed in Athens over the course of a week, the recently released film “Roger Waters’ The Wall” ably depicts the power of the live show in its 21st-century incarnation. The movie adds depth to the monumental narrative by taking the viewer on a journey with Waters to visit his father’s memorial and his grandfather’s grave. The connection between the massive war casualties of the early 20th century and the passion that Waters poured into his anti-establishment message is vividly illustrated.


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