Dentist Avi Weisfogel Strives to Help Patients with Sleep Disorders

The 21st century has seen significant strides and breakthroughs in the medical field. As knowledge and capability grows in the medical community, more cures, treatments, and feasible procedures are coming to light for a wide range of conditions. Although some of these advancements are the result of focused work, some have emerged through innovation. One such triumph is the combination of dentistry and sleep disorder treatment. Dr. Avi Weisfogel combined his experience in the field of dentistry with his knowledge and research surrounding sleep disorders to develop treatments for sleep apnea, a condition that had previously received only moderate attention from the medical community.

Dr. Weisfogel’s Medical Advancements

Many people suffer from sleep apnea. It is a potentially serious medical condition that goes undiagnosed in a majority of those who suffer from the disorder. While asleep, a person experiences several pauses in breathing that can last for seconds or minutes. This can result in the brain, as well as the rest of the body, receiving a limited supply of oxygen. The disorder often leads to disrupted sleep, resulting in sleep deprivation for those who suffer from the disorder. Some symptoms of sleep deprivation are dull skin, headaches, moodiness, inability to focus, hair loss, and dark circles under the eyes. If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, and in the worst circumstances, can be a contributing factor to heart failure.

Dentist Avi Weisfogel has made it possible for people suffering from sleep apnea to seek help from a dentist rather than a physician. The doctor came up with some tools and treatments to aid patients with the sleep disorder.

An established sleep specialist, Dr. Avi has founded programs designed to provide patients with oral application therapy, the most recent being Dental Sleep Masters. With this new program, patients are given personalized devices to wear during sleep. These devices help clear the airway and prevent any obstructed breathing during sleep.

Another prescription involves an oral application to support a victim’s jaw, a procedure that will, in turn, open the upper airways. Dr. Weisfogel’s program has also aided people dealing with tongue flaps or tonsils. The two infections could also obstruct airflow during breathing.

The Journey to Dental Sleep Masters

Equipped with a mind for business, Dr. Weisfogel didn’t stop at his own dental practice when it came to treating sleep apnea. He opened the organization known as Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. The organization comprised of sleep specialists, dentists, and other medical professionals, who joined forces to collaborate and build a successful dental sleep medicine business. The healthcare professionals associated with Healthy Heart Sleep keenly evaluated top research and share their medical practices and knowledge with one another. In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel established Owner Sleep Unlimited, with the purpose of lecturing other dentists on how to maximize their role in treating sleep patients. In 2014, Dental Sleep Masters was founded. The organization allowed dentists more opportunities to treat sleep disorders with the aforementioned oral sleep devices.

About Avi Weisfogel

Born on March 7, 1972, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a medical professional whose primary aim is to improve the lives of patients. What makes him stand out from the rest is his innovative nature, and his will to push for breakthroughs and try out every  possibility that comes his way, not confined by the standard expectations of dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel started out at the Rutgers University,  where he earned himself a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Psychology. He later received his Doctor of Dental Surgery at New York University.

Dr. Weisfogel’s interest in sleep dentistry grew immediately he graduated from dental  school, when he encountered his first sleep apnea patient at his dental practice. Since then, he has founded various organizations with the intention of inventing new ways of helping out patients with sleep disorders. The doctor is also a philanthropist and a staunch sports fan. In his free time, he prioritizes spending time with his family.


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