An Overview of Sleep Apnea and Dr. Weisfogel

Sleep apnea affects millions of people across the world. Those at higher risks are men; aged above 40, overweight individuals, with sleep apnea history in the family and with Hispanic/African American/Pacific Island genealogy can be predisposed to experiencing the condition.

In treating sleep apnea, it is important to determine which of its two main types a person has. The first category is obstructive sleep apnea where an airway portion closes during slumber; thus, breathing pauses from several seconds up to two full minutes. Breathing pauses may happen up to 30 times in just a single hour. The second type is central apnea where the brain is unable to send appropriate signals to breath-controlling muscles and thus cause frequent sleep cycle interruptions. Below are some of the treatment methods administered to sleep apnea patients.

Home Treatments For Sleep Apnea

Mild cases of this condition can be treated by some simple lifestyle changes that include weight loss, averting the use of sleeping pills and alcohol, change in sleeping positions to facilitate breathing, quitting smoking (to reduce inflammation of airway upper portion that aggravates apnea and snoring).

CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

The treatment is done by wearing a mask over the nose and mouth during slumber. The mask is connected to a machine, which delivers continuous airflow to the nose. Through this airflow, breathing is maintained by the constantly open airways.

Some units of CPAP also include tracking software, heated humidifier, and backup technology for power outages. A doctor’s prescription is a requirement for getting CPAP machine. Once purchased, a technician will set it up and demonstrate how it is used. There are some minor side effects reported about CPAP like skin irritation along the area where a mask is worn, dry mouth/nose and headache. There are also instances when the stomach may be filled with air and cause discomfort. This can be addressed by changing air pressure level or sleeping position.

Who is Dentist Avi Weisfogel

It isn’t each day that we go over dentistry and sleep disorders on the same page, as these two zones appear to be disconnected. Dentistry in many individuals’ minds manages teeth, root channels, or when one has a toothache. Sleep apnea patients tend to go to a general doctor to have their concern checked instead of to a dental specialist.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a certified dental specialist, saw the conceivable outcomes of dentistry past the standard root trench and teeth methodology each other dental practitioner was doing. His enthusiasm was outfitted towards patients who had sleep apnea.

From his first patient who experienced issues sleeping, Dr. Weisfogel knew ideal from that point that he would love to treat patients suffering from sleep disorders.

Dr. Weisfogel’s Medical Career

Dr. Weisfogel’s medical career began with a Bachelor’s Degree in biology and psychology, which he obtained from the Rutgers University. After receiving his degree, he proceeded onward to New York University and got his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). After his instruction, Dr. Weisfogel established his own practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, and won the Best Dentist grant two years in succession.

In spite of the fact that Dr. Weisfogel needed to help patients suffering from sleep apnea, it was not a simple way.

This pattern was because of the uncooperative doctors who did not perform sleep tests on their patients or were one-sided while doing it. Dr. Weisfogel’s objective was to achieve all patients everywhere throughout the world and required a technique to do this all the more productively.

Thus, Dr. Weisfogel, established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients in 2012 which was a stage intended for sleep specialists and dental specialists to uninhibitedly share whatever knowledge they had about sleep apnea with each other openly. Dr. Weisfogel additionally utilizes this stage to connect with various stakeholders in the type of addresses about the different business models in medicine and sleep dentistry methods.

The Dental Sleep Masters Program

In his journey to help sleep apnea patients, Dr. Weisfogel established the Dental Sleep Master’s program with the intention of tailor making sleep machines that could help individuals with sleeping disorders. The training mainly has practical experience in providing its patients with oral application treatment. These are gadgets that the patients can wear when they rest, and they would make ready for unobstructed breathing during sleep.

For a few patients, Dr. Weisfogel would endorse an oral application that would bolster the patient’s jaw and in turn open the upper aviation routes. The patients for the situation would sleep well without having inconveniences breathing which would give them a dynamic day when they woke up.

The program likewise takes into account different patients’ needs as each patient is given particular treatment according to their concern or needs. For instance, a patient whose tonsils and tongue flaps impede the wind stream during breathing will be given an oral application to alter their positions.

Dr. Dentist Avi Weisfogelis perpetually discontent at being the place he is and, subsequently, is quick to accept in each open door as a learning stage to better himself and expand his business. He characteristics quite a bit of his business’ development and reach to territorial marketing.

It has not been simple for Dr. Weisfogel, as setting up the Dental Sleep Master’s program has seen him spend a significant measure of cash and more than two years of diligent work to guarantee the training remains above water. Consistently, Dr. Weisfogel invests his energy with his colleagues and customers in meetings, online networking and business calls to give input and draw in them in regions they find hard to handle.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Outside the Office

At the point when not in the workplace or working, Dr. Weisfogel is a dynamic donor who gives a significant measure of his earnings to a variety of magnanimous associations. Dr. Weisfogel likewise appreciates spending time with his family when not in the workplace. Frequently one would see Dr. Weisfogel with a book, his most loved being The Power of Now, or watching sports.

Dr. Dentist Avi Weisfogel, with all his experience and aptitude, does not accomplish everything all alone. He is known to take inspiration when he finds it, and he will continue to act insofar as there is a whole other world to be finished.


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