Make This Bet

The Greatest Dental Gamble

The Dark Side of Treating Sleep

The Biggest Sleep Secret No One Is Talking About

Make This Bet In Vegas

The Biggest Sleep Practices Know This…

How 90 Minutes Can Lead to Unlimited Sleep Patients


If there is only one breakout course you attend this weekend, make sure it is: UNLIMITED SLEEP PATIENTS, presented by Barry Glassman and Avi Weisfogel, The Dental Sleep Masters.


Avi and Barry are here in Vegas to “stack the deck” in your favor. They will show you how to gain the inside track that beats the odds. Instead of taking the risk at the roulette table or testing your luck on a hand of blackjack, take 90 minutes to attend the one course that can actually transform your practice AND personal life this weekend. The greatest gamble you can make is NOT attending this course, and then going back to doing what you’ve been doing, and keep getting what you’ve always gotten.


FAIR WARNING: This course is NOT designed for those who aspire to be average –Average doctors get average results (and below average profits). This course is also NOT for those dentists who want a “typical” sleep course. If you want “typical” please attend a lecture given by the latest practice management “guru.” They won’t give you the insights or the instruction necessary to get your first patient, and can’t hope to show you a bullet-proof system to generate an UNLIMITED flow of sleep patients… who are all begging to be treated by YOU.


This course has only one purpose: Show motivated dentists –like you– how to harness the virtually unlimited earning potential that can only from sleep.


EVERY OTHER COURSE will try to teach you the theory of treating sleep apnea. But what they’re all afraid to admit is: theory and education are important, but they rarely –if ever– translate into revenue or profit. There’s not a single course that focuses on the BUSINESS of Sleep Medicine.

Until now…

UNLIMITED SLEEP PATIENTS is specifically designed to show you the “ins and outs” of the BUSINESS of Sleep Medicine. In this 90-minute course, Avi and Barry will reveal how they’re not only able to generate a flood of qualified sleep patients, they also have:

-Proven systems to motivate the patient (and referrers) to say, “YES!”

-One simple trick to get the sleep clinics (the enemy of most dental sleep programs) to actually work FOR YOU

-And most importantly: an amazing track record maximizing profits while providing superior care for patients


Still not sure this is the most important course you can attend in Vegas?

If you’re not 100% convinced that this is the best use of 90 minutes of your time, it all comes down to how you answer 3 simple questions:

-​Are you looking for ways to put your earning potential into overdrive?

-​Are you sick and tired of chasing the unattainable goal of “dental perfection?”

-​Do you want to discover how Dental Sleep Master Elites are making more money with ​ sleep –in one month– than entire practices make ALL YEAR?

If you answered “YES!” to any one of these questions, not only should you clear your calendar to attend, you’ll want to make sure to line up early… because in these short 90 minutes Avi and Barry will be outlining the EXACT PROCESS that Dental Sleep Masters uses to create wildly successful (and profitable) practices. Plus… they are only giving this presentation ONCE. That means anyone who isn’t in the room, will be left out in the cold, helplessly watching as others harness the massive earning potential that can come only from UNLIMITED SLEEP PATIENTS.

FRIDAY APRIL 17TH AT 11:00 AM is the date!


No matter what else you may have planned this weekend… cancel it. This is the ONLY 90-minute course that actually has the ability to literally transform your practice’s profits and your lifestyle.

The average sleep doc sees 2-4 patients a month. The Dental Sleep Master sees between 50 to 100 (or more) patients each month. With an average potential profit that exceeds $3000 per patient. YOU do the math… then decide whether that type of PROFIT is worth 90 minutes of your time to hear what Barry and Avi have to say.


One last thing… the system that Avi and Barry have created will show you how almost all of this amazing process can be DONE BY YOUR ASSISTANT!


Treating sleep patients with oral appliances is easily the single most profitable procedure that exists in

dentistry. Plus it involves virtually NO SELLING. Best of all, it is the only procedure that has the ability to springboard your practice into the top 1% in the country.


This may be your one and only chance to discover how you can run your own Sleep Business and finally have a way to retire, the way you deserve, and way before you ever though possible. So mark your calendar to attend this breakout course.


As an extra bonus Barry and Avi will reveal how treating Sleep Patients leads to more Full Mouth Rehabs and Implants with Zero Additional Marketing Dollars spent!


Friday April 17th at 11 AM

Barry Glassman and Avi Weisfogel


For doctors who are serious about adding sleep to their practice that simply cannot wait for the presentation and want to see how Dental Sleep Masters can work for you, simply text “Let’s Meet” to 973-640-0732 or email dentalsleepmasters@gmail with when you are available for a FREE 15 minute in-person consult with Barry and Avi in Vegas.

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