My Story

“Haters too bad we have them in the world of dentistry. Our profession would be so much better if they all crawled up and went away.” Mark Twain said that

Wow you know what they say about success, Nobody is happy about it for you.

Funny how true that proves to be.

I graduated from dental school in 1998

I was full of ideals and morals about how I was going to build up the best practice in dentistry. It was going to get full incredible equipment, spa like environment, 5 star service, no insurance and every other thing I had dreamed of.

I did a General Practice Residency for a year and then opened my first practice. I bought a practice from a dentist who was forced to leave dentistry by the State Board of NJ. Because he was suspended I did not pay much for the practice. I figured I would be walking into a mess. Funnily enough all of this doctors remaining patients loved this guy. Being young with the idea that I would never talk bad about another dentist I just agreed with them. What a great guy he was.

I bought his practice for $65,000 and sold is four years later for $360,000.

I then bought my second practice for $285,000. This story was a little different. Dentists was older and retiring. He wanted to stay for 6 months. Turns out we got along so well, he stayed for 9 months. This guy was quite a character, when I bought his practice he said the following to me, “I am an average dentists at best but my fans they think I am god.” In the end He was right even though his dentistry was OK he was loved by almost everybody.

I out grew this facility and moved down the road. Within 5 years, my practice was grossing over 3 million dollars. Things were growing and growing fast, however I was not satisfied because I was not doing enough of the one thing I loved about dentistry more than anything, treating sleep apnea patients with oral appliances.

So I left this very successful practice in the hands of my associate and started figuring out the world of sleep.

I was determined one way or another to figure out why no matter what I did I could not see more than 2-4 patients a month. I started by going to my top referrer. “Why are you not sending me patients?” I asked. Her answer very bluntly, “I don’t have enough patients myself. If I send you a patient for an oral appliance I no longer have this patient under my care. So I would love to send you more patients but I need to make a living too.”

Very good points. How could a sleepy physician send me patients if it meant she was losing them? How many patients would you send out to a specialist if you lost those patients? There had to be another way. The solution was not to get more patients for me rather it was to get more patients for her. SO I started running programs that resulted in way more patients going to a sleep physician, this in turn led to more patients coming my way.

Now obviously I am simplifying things here because to teach it all takes a full two days not to mention continual support along the way. Getting patients was the hardest part but by no means the only hard part. Getting paid for the process proved to be equally difficult. Only after spending hours and hours and more hours on the phone with insurance companies and Medicare as well as talking to every billing specialist I could find did I find the best way to bill and get reimbursed really well.

To make a long story short, I spent three years and lost every penny I had. It even resulted in my declaring bankruptcy, however I had finally come up with a way that would ensure, hundreds of patients walking into my door every month. Once I had the system perfected I started teaching it.

Now onto the haters part. Things were really quiet in my life until I made the decision to start teaching. I was seeing way more patients in sleep than every dentist I knew and I knew a lot of them. I was also doing this completely under the radar. I knew once I started teaching that I was going to be in the public eye. I knew people were going to question me. I knew they would mock me and knew it would cause others in the sleep field to feel threatened. This did not deter me.

I can remember the first time I told my wife and my staff that I was going to teach this course. They all thought I was nuts. “Why would you want to bring this to other dentists?” First off you will be teaching others something that took you years and millions to create and secondly you are going to bring all sorts of scrutiny your way.

I was determined however, and I started advertising. I called my lecture Unlimited Sleep Patients. I sent out my first email “Add $250,000 to your practice without spending a penny on advertising.” I got a decent response. I remember the second one “Add ten oral appliances to your practice every month.” Again I got a decent response. I was trying to market based off of my “secret system” that led to me getting hundreds of patients a month, but I knew that just mentioning those kind of numbers were going to drive people crazy.   After all, how could this young kid from NJ be seeing 250 patients when even the biggest names in sleep like my future partner, Barry Glassman (more on Barry later) were only seeing ten patients a month? So I kept on advertising along those lines. I did a couple of webinars, told only the beginning of my story but was so afraid of letting the details of system out to the public that it became very hard for me to sell the course.

Nonetheless, I continued to advertise and thus began to rattle the feathers of the powers that be in the world of sleep. “Can you believe what this kid is saying?” “He is full of it!” said others. “Who would waste their money on that garbage”, said others. Yet 18 doctors came out to hear me speak one weekend in October, 2013. Their response was unbelievable. I took video testimonials of ALL of them because I wanted everyone to see that this system was for real. To a man/woman they were all happy they came and were all likely to recommend my course to a friend. Every attendee gave the course either four or five stars.

One thing I realized after the course was there was really no reason to be so secretive and that if I wanted more people to come to the course I needed to reveal more. My next ad was “Learn the system that led one dentists to continuously schedule 18 patients a day for oral appliances.” The next one was, Learn how to see 50 Sleep Patients or More Every Month. In those ads I mentioned that I was averaging 250 patients a month (numbers which have grown all the way up to 372 since then). I started mentioning that my average profit was over $5,000 in NJ. Next ad “Everybody who is currently teaching sleep has one thing in common, they don’t know the first thing about getting you patients.”

Now one thing is for sure, if the threat of ten patients a month was ruffling feathers 250 was just insane. You would think that I went out and killed the children of my critics the way they were acting. So I decided to reveal even more. I went on a webinar and I taught dentists exactly how I started seeing that many patients a month. I taught them that I went directly to physicians who were not currently in sleep and came up with a fully run program that I run out of physicians’ office. Physicians unfortunately do not screen patients for sleep disorders. The average cardiology practice refers anywhere between 0-4 patients a month for sleep studies, yet anywhere from 40-80% of their practice suffers with Sleep Apnea. I taught them that I placed an employee called a sleep coordinator in these practices to run things there (Please do not try this if you have not learned this system. There are many legal factors that go into this and if not followed correctly could land you to legal trouble). I taught our guidelines and our billing procedures. I taught this and more on my webinars so doctors who were thinking about attending my course would be able to make a more intelligent decision. Turns out that 55 dentists were brave enough to come take my course the next time. Little did I know that behind the scenes, people who I did not even know were becoming so threatened that stories started to spread about me. Websites started getting built. All because of the jealousy and pettiness that exists in the dental space. Now I know that this is not a majority but that minority speaks very loudly and of course very anonymously.

Among the 55 dentists in attendance were my future partners Jonathan Greenburg (who came from CA with staff happily) and Barry Glassman ( who came from an hour away and was amongst the chief doubters in the room). I remember greeting Barry in the hallway and the fiery stares he gave me were enough to melt the iceberg that sank the titanic. Of course the famous story is my courses start off with the great opening argument scene from My Cousin Vinny where the prosecutor gives a five minute in depth well thought opening argument and Vinny gets up and says everything that guy just said is bulls..t. My point being that forget about what all the others sleep guys taught you, None of them know the first thing about building a sleep business. Now people who knew Barry expected him to get up and leave. Luckily he said to them, so far he is right. He stayed for the entire two days and came up to me afterwards and said do you realize that you have an answer for every single hole that has existed in the world of sleep? Do you realize the potential of this? Do you realize how many people we can help? Do you realize we can change the landscape of sleep? We have to start teaching this to dentists they need to know what they can do.

Now of course I had just taught this to 55 dentists and was already planning another course in October but Barry, Jonathan and I decided to team up and for the Dental Sleep Masters.

Jumping back a bit between October and April I had been approached by about 5-10 companies who were interested in my services and wanted me to teach business to their clientele. I had turned them all down. No matter how many people approached me, far more approached Barry about joining forces with him I knew from my perspective I did not want to put my name out there. I was very happy under the radar and liked talking once or twice a year. From Barry’s perspective he spent a lifetime building a reputation and did not want to lend his name to any product he could not back up 100%. That included me, so I invited Barry into to my life to see what I did. I also went to Allentown to see what he did. Needless to say Barry has become my partner, brother and best friend throughout this process. I feel the same about Jonathan Greenburg and Owen Gonzales (my one non-dentist partner). The four of us are a team that unanimously votes on every matter. We make all our decision based off one factor, what is best in terms of helping the sleep population, both dentists and patients? That is what makes the Dental Sleep Masters so special. That’s why I have put my name out there on the line. That’s why Barry, Jon and Owen have done the same. As a team we are committed to changing the landscape of sleep

This past July we took on our initial class of 57 Elites all of whom will be seeing 50 patients a month. That’s a promise we made to them and have kept up our part since then. Some are doing fantastically well. Others are just starting to get the hang of it (again if it was easy everyone would do it) but all 57 will be seeing 50 patients a month each and every month putting them in the top 1% of all sleep dentists in the country.

Now of course we are building towards next year and building towards our second Elite class which could go as large as 500 dentists. The reason my system works so well is it took everybody in the world of sleep and gave them something. Unfortunately this is not the case in our world of dentistry. In fact some of it is the opposite. People have become so threatened by me and the Dental Sleep Masters they will go to any length to try and tear it down. One Cowardly Jerk even took out an anonymous website doubting every word I say. Why? Did he know me? Are my words false? As you would expect, some people believe it because they have not accomplished something that it is said to be impossible. Well not only was it possible, but 57 other dentists are doing it right now. Are they also lying? I say to the no name jerks and haters out there to come out and let us debate it in public. Show the world who you are. Stand up for what you believe in. I am willing to and do so on webinars every single week.

Now I know that I should not let things bother me and when it effects me that is fine but when it effects my partners well enough is enough. Other than a generality about sleep instructors knowing nothing about business (the only name I mention is that of my partner who now knows more about business than any other dentists I know) I have not said a negative word about any dentist. Even those who have wronged me. I will continue to act in that manner. Anyone who is truly interested in my character please reach out to any of my partners or my 57 Elites. The Dental Sleep Masters is here to stay regardless of your cowardly attempts.

Yes I have made mistakes in my life. No I was not always the best general dentists. Yes I have treated thousands of patients with oral appliances and yes I can teach you how to do the same. Know this when you join the Dental Sleep Masters. You now have a brand new family, one who will be there for you through thick and thin. Regardless of what others say we will be here for you fighting for you and helping you achieve success beyond your wildest dream. Let the haters hate because that’s all they have.

The Dental Sleep Masters is the place to go to when it comes to developing a sleep program. If you truly want success we are ready and waiting to help.


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