Study Links Erectile Dysfunction to Depression in Sleep Apnea Patients

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel, owner of Dental Sleep Masters, has been connecting patients with sleep apnea treatments since 2010. In that time, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has built on an integrated understanding of the disorder and how oral appliance treatments can provide relief.

In mid-November of 2015, researchers from Seoul National University announced a potential connection between erectile dysfunction and depression stemming from sleep apnea. Past studies have indicated a link between sleep apnea and sexual health, and have determined that treatment for apnea can improve symptoms for patients with comorbid erectile dysfunction. This new study has strengthened these connections by demonstrating that the link between apnea and difficulty maintaining erections is likely a result of co-occurring depression.

Researchers made this connection by studying a variety of factors that impact the lives of men with sleep apnea. Potential factors included severity of the disorder, reported breathing difficulty, and overall quality of life, though depression still emerged as the most influential sub-factor for sleep apnea patients with erectile dysfunction difficulties. Data also suggests that general apnea treatment is likely to still be effective in reducing erectile dysfunction, as positive impacts of treatment on sleep quality can improve parasympathetic responses and potentially increase testosterone levels.